Hello, lovely! My name's Lauren and welcome to my blog. I'm a 20 year old college student from the United States and my blog basically consists of anything and everything. If you have any questions just ask!
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My dream is to travel the world someday. I want to say I've seen every state there is to see, every beautiful country you see pictures of, and even the ones you don't. The thought of having all of these amazing sights around the world and not seeing them is absolutely ridiculous.
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"What she was really craving was a connection. That feeling you got when you knew you were supposed to be with someone."

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“I admire people who have the ability to touch you and still be thousands of miles from your presence.”
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“My mom taught me one thing: You don’t always have to tell people you love them. You just have to give them no reason to doubt it.”
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There was nothing beautiful about how it ended. You fucked up my life.
— Stop Thinking Too Much (#9: January 3, 2014)

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There are 7 billion people on this planet who I have not met,
and 195 countries I have not visited.
Yet I am stuck in this insignificant town,
Being pressured into making decisions about my future,
When I barely even know who I am.

—  Unknown  (via vehxt)

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